Mistress Devlynn De Sade has been lauded as the Best Professional Dominatrix of Cincinnati, has been A Guest of Honor at Domcon LA 2014 and 2015, and has offered many classes locally and nationally on Femdom and Various BDSM Modalities.  If you would like to serve, schedule a session or class, visit for a dungeon tour or Consultation, Mistress DeSade offers: 

  • Overnight Slavery to the Goddess Sessions
  • Fetish Exploration Sessions
  • Domination Sessions
  • Disciplinary help/ Behaviour Modification
  • Heavy Bondage Sessions, Shibari
  • Couples Training/ Exploration Sessions
  • Dungeon Tour and Consultations
  • Consultation over Coffee
  • Group Classes
  • Goddess Parties

application to serve (required) :

Applications are looked over within a few days of receiving. If you need expedited process, it's highly recommended you send a 75$ deposit via Amazon giftcard with email Delivery to devlynndesade@gmail.com with your application and call or Text 513-773-9202 with your preferred time and date for session.  Discretion is Mutual and Paramount to everything we do.  If you are not ready to be honest with a professional, well respected, discreet, trustworthy Femdom, you are not ready to be in My dungeon. Appointments are scheduled usually between 11am and 7:30pm, Monday through Saturday. I am very selective about who I choose to see so I recommend you tread this path with great care.

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