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Hello, prospective pets, open minded collaborators, inquisitive explorers.  

I am Mistress Devlynn de Sade, Cincinnati's reigning Queen of Cruel.  I created and maintain the De Sade Academy, an exquisitely equipped Victorian style Menagerie of Leather Arts for Femdom and BDSM exploration located conveniently near downtown Cincinnati.  

I offer training, guidance and private consultation to submissives and couples as well.  

As a lifestyle Femdom and Leather Woman, I do have personal slaves, however these positions are only available to those who have served Me for years and proven their worth.  I love travel and can be found in NYC, Florida and Montreal making sure My Lust for Leather is fed. My rates for sessions are commensurate with other Dominas of My experience level, and are only available with references, verification of your identity and occupation, and approval that our interests are a match. Legalese disclaimer: Tribute is for My time, expertise and dungeon rental fees and does not guarantee you anything but that.





The De Sade Academy is a luxurious and immaculately equipped Victorian style studio replete with 1900s Schoolroom, Sissification area, Victorian style Parlour, Medical Exploration room, and Traditional Leather Arts room. This is an exclusive, private, dedicated space for Domination, Education, Exploration and the Creation of Fetish Art. Rental is available to visiting Leather Arts Practitioners. 

The Equipment available at the Academy is always a growing list so it's impossible to be comprehensive here. However, I do like to boast about My collection...

  • Hundreds of Corporal Implements- Paddles, Canes, Floggers, Whips. Handmade pieces and historical specimens. I have several that were made just for Me and to My whipping taste and sadistic proclivity.  
  • Piles of the Finest Bondage Ropes- Jute, Hemp and Cotton are My personal favorites.
  • Bondage Devices- After outfitting and doubly outfitting with the basics, blindfolds of every variety, gags of every form, etc.  I began to collect the more weird and wonderful... predicament devices in leather, metal or pvc made by the best US craftsmen, some built to My specifications.
  • Medical Devices- Playing Mad scientist with a trembling, naked, willing victim has been a favorite pastime of Mine since My teenage years. I have an entire wall, shelves full of countless steel, glass and electric devices of delectable torment. My Ritter Autoclave keeps everything sterile.
  • Dungeon Furniture- Cross, CBT chair, Sleeping Cage, Sitting Cage, 2 kneelers, 2 spanking benches, Inversion Table, Medical Table, 2 Suspension Racks- one for each floor.
  • Ridiculous things I have bought over the years to satisfy various devious plans- Venus 2000, Nova Pro, Steel F++king Machine, Violet Wands, Latex Bondage, Hoods


Mistress Devlynn De Sade has been lauded as the Best Professional Dominatrix of Cincinnati, has been A Guest of Honor at Domcon LA 2014 and 2015, and has offered many classes locally and nationally on Femdom and Various BDSM Modalities.  She also created Cincinnati's biggest fetish party- the Annual Cincinnati Bondage Ball.  Her best trained slaves serve at the private High Protocol Evening for Goddess Worship and Adoration, a full immersion in Femdom lifestyle.

application to serve (required) :

Applications are looked over within a few days of receiving. If you are hoping to enjoy being in My dungeon, it's highly recommended you send a contribution to My dungeon via Amazon giftcard with email Delivery to devlynndesade@gmail.com with your application and call or Text 513-904-2477 with your preferred time and date for consultation.  Discretion is Mutual and Paramount to everything we do.  If you are not ready to be honest with a professional, well respected, discreet, trustworthy Femdom, you are not ready to be in My dungeon. Consultations are scheduled usually between 11am and 7:30pm, Monday through Saturday. I answer My texts noon to 8pm most days.  I am very selective about who I choose to train so I recommend you tread this path with great care.  

If you are not yet ready to serve it is best to forgo wasting My precious time with an application. Instead following My social media, (links below) so I can get to know you, and making an impression by sending something via My wishlist (link below) is a great way to both make your presence known, be useful, and ensure My dungeon will still be here for submissive males and dominant females in the future.

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